Thursday, January 19, 2012


Spread too thin. It seems to be a theme amongst all of us parents, doesn’t it? I’ve seen it in my own life, among my friends, and especially in the blogging community. We all want to be “Supermom”.

And even if you’re not a parent, I bet you also feel the pressure to always “have it together” and be at your best, each and every day. We all have this intense desire to succeed, perhaps just to have people see us as successful, but perhaps also to feel like we’ve made our marks on the world. But while it’s great to be motivated and strive to reach our goals, I think we need to be careful to avoid burnout.
I don’t want to be trying to do too much, and I know I can’t do everything. But oh my goodness, there is so much I wish I could do.

I want to make plenty of time for my kids and my husband, get creative with my new camera, work out to stay healthy and get back into pre-pregnancy shape, write often and keep up with my blog and other projects, be a domestic goddess (24-7 spotlessly clean house, daily delicious home-cooked meals for the family, impeccable organization skills, etc), and not be tired while doing it all.  
And I probably shouldn’t even mention the other things I really want to do that don’t even factor in right now because they have been pushed so far off the radar: scrapbooking, flute-playing, journaling, learning to sew, traveling…

I’m exhausted just thinking about all of this. I need to remember something: I have a newborn. And a toddler. And a toddler-like husband (just kidding, honey). They just need time with me, just love from their Mama. I don’t have to be great at the rest of it. I just have to be great at loving them.
The energy will come back in time, as the little one gets older, and as we adjust to new and ever-changing demands. Maybe one day I’ll reach that supreme Supermom status. Today I’m going to relax and live moment by moment…while I fold laundry and yawn profusely.