Monday, August 20, 2012

Home Dreamin'

I am linking up with the Show and Tell via From Mrs To Mama because I love this topic, and I think it’s something that’s often on everyone’s mind. Especially for my little family...

You see, we never intended to stay where we are for very long. The move we made nearly seven years ago (ouch, it hurts to type that) was supposed to be a short-term thing, just a brief pit stop along our journey to our destination, wherever that was supposed to be. And then economical things happened, family things happened, job things happened (and didn’t happen), and we’ve been here for years longer than we ever intended or imagined.

And that’s okay. I know that plans don’t always go according to plan and that desires aren’t always fulfilled right when you want them to be. But we are a family of four (plus a furball) in a two bedroom house, and someday we will need to make some changes. While I don’t know if or when our desires will be satisfied, I do know a few things about what we like and what we’ll one day be looking for:

If you were searching for a home now, what would be on your "MUST" list?

My husband could live out the rest of his days in a hut in the middle of nowhere as long as he loved the land. I, on the other hand, do prefer some modern conveniences, but I get where he’s coming from. When you live in a place that you love, that’s a huge part of what makes it home to you. The rest can be worked on slowly, over time, but you can never change the land. So we want to find that spot that speaks to us and whispers softly, “You know you can’t see yourself living anywhere else.”
That’s out there somewhere, right? And it’s not a million dollars?

Favorite room:
I love my kitchen. When we were fixing up our house, the kitchen was the one room for which I picked out everything – the bright yellow paint, the tile, the cabinets…I’m quite happy with it, which is a good thing because I spend a majority of my life there. If/when we ever design another home, I would be happy to have another kitchen much like this one.

Dream Home Kitchen

Favorite stores to shop for home décor:

Ha! Shop for home décor? People do that? I have to really like something in order to spend money on it, and therefore I honestly can’t even remember the last time I bought something for the house. My husband and I actually have watercolors up on our wall that we painted ourselves, matted in fancy black frames, because we are just that weird sophisticated.

DIY Home DecorFramed DIY painting

The truth is I think I am way too eclectic to ever be able to design a cohesive home. When you like a little bit of everything, it’s somewhat difficult to decide on a particular style.

Maybe one day when we have our dream home I’ll finally be able to commit.

My dream home:

Something cabin-esque with cool rock work in a forest where there are never any fires. (What?)

Wood House Interior
Pinterest via Woodhouse Timber Frame

So there you have it. Let me know if you find anything out there that's perfect for us.