Friday, September 14, 2012

Focus {Five-Minute Friday}

I'm glad I discovered Five-Minute Friday. It's great practice to write solidly for five minutes without editing. I have a free thought journal (separate from my regular journal) that I write stream-of-consciousness in, and sometimes the stuff that comes flowing out astounds me.

Sometimes it's stuff I wouldn't normally share publicly. Consciousness gets crazy. ;)

Anyway, here's my first five-minute post. This week's topic is Focus.


Looking out at the ocean

I look through the lens and press down the shutter button halfway until I hear that beautiful beep.

I love when I get the stuff in focus. I love that sound that tells me the picture is clear. I push the button down all the way and hear that satisfying click.

Sometimes the pictures are fuzzy. Sometimes they’re clear, sharp, lovely.

I wish my life was always in focus the way I wish those pictures were. I wish I could push a button and make everything like crystal, sparkling with a beautiful light.

I don’t always know what to put in focus. Sometimes I choose the wrong subject, sometimes I wonder if I should have taken a step to the right. If only I’d taken a second to recompose…

Photography is an art we have to learn. Life is an art we have to live. It’s hard to know when to shift our focus, when to put other things in the foreground, what to put in the background…

I’ll never take perfect pictures. But I’ll take a few great ones.

Along the way, I’ll get some amazing shots.

Five Minute Friday