Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's A Zebra! I Mean...A Boy!

I’m going to wait on announcing the baby’s name until he gets here, but I will say that for some reason, Hannah can’t say it. She apparently thinks I’m giving birth to a baby zebra because when we ask her to say her brother’s name, she says excitedly, “Beebra!” I can assure you that his name sounds nothing like zebra or ‘beebra’, but who can understand the mind of a toddler?

Hopefully Baby Beebra’s sister will get the hang of his real name soon because I am 34 weeks pregnant today. Hannah was born at 38 ½ weeks. It’s amazing that I could possibly only have a month to go – or less – before this new little one gets here.
baby daredevil
I know that for the most part, raising a boy will be the same as raising a girl. All children need love, attention, guidance…the usual. But I keep hearing all these stories about wild acrobatics, broken bones, and extra trips to the emergency room. Are boys really that much more rowdy than girls?

Hannah may be a sweet, pleasant little girl, but don’t let that fool you. She’s always had a bit of a daredevil streak in her. She used to enjoy blindly running around with her skirt on her head, and she frequently attempted to play with mom-unapproved ‘toys’, such as the cheese grater.
But for some reason I have a feeling that her antics won’t even begin to compare with the stuff that the little boy comes up with. Perhaps I just know his daddy too well.
So tell me, moms with boys: Is Hannah’s assessment of her brother as a wild animal not so far off?
Should I be preparing for insanity?


  1. NAH! They are bouncing baby boys! LOL I have 2 and different as they can be! Knocking on wood I've had no ER trips...and they do it I LOVE that my boys were boys. A lot less maintenance for sure! But now that im older and have more patience im ready for a girl. :)

  2. I think you're right - even in the same family, each kid can have such a vastly different personality from the next. Boy or girl, doesn't matter! I'm excited to see what having one of each will be like!

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