Monday, October 3, 2011

October Daze

Ah, October. The month of cooler temps, leaves turning beautiful fall shades, crisp breezes, sweaters and hoodies…

Except that we don’t have any of that where we live.

Though the weather is slightly cooling down (you know, to like, 89), it’s nowhere near the brisk, invigoratingly cool air that I long for this time of year. This is the time when I miss the mid-south the most.
So when October rolls around I inevitably end up doing whatever I possibly can to achieve some sort of ‘fallness’ in my life. This past weekend I made sure we started the month off right with a trip to Oktoberfest. It was hotter outside than I would have preferred, and I couldn’t try out any German beer, but I enjoyed a corned beef sandwich and Hannah’s dancing.

Next on the list is my favorite – the pumpkin patch. I loved, loved, LOVED it last year, mainly because Hannah had so much fun and the pictures make it look more autumn-like than it actually was (notice the t-shirts and shorts).

This year we’re going to try out a different farm in a cooler town, so maybe we won’t be taking our hayride in the scorching sun. Fingers crossed.
Finally, rounding out the month is Halloween, a holiday I’ve always loved. I like the parties, fun costumes, scary movies, creepy cupcakes…all of it. I’m excited that this year Hannah might actually have a clue that something fun is going on, but I’m convinced that nothing will ever be cuter than last year’s costume.

little red riding hood costume
So there’s my plan, though what I really want to do is head to Michael’s and buy up every autumn decoration I can possibly find. I’m just going to have to resist the urge since we’ve got baby expenses to consider, and instead I’ll light up some pumpkin-scented candles, toast some pumpkin seeds, and look forward to the hubby’s annual carving creativity.
scary jack o lantern

Happy October!