Thursday, November 10, 2011

Toddlerisms: Praise the Lord! And the Cookie Monster!

Sometimes I really think I got blessed with the sweetest child on earth. Just like any toddler, she has her moments, but I’m so delighted by how loving and polite she is. I could go on and on about all the sweet things she does, but I’ll spare you the details and just concentrate on one of our favorites: prayer.

We pray every night at dinner, and she always joins in with her version, which consists of folding her hands, closing her eyes, and mumbling. She has now started repeating certain things that we say, so our dinner prayers go something like this:
“Dear God, thank you for this food…”

*mumble mumble* “Food…”
“…and thank you for bringing Daddy home safe…”

*mumble mumble mumble* “Daddy home…”
“and for keeping Hannah’s baby brother safe…”

“Baby…” *mumble* “Brutha…”
“In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.”

So, so cute. But her prayer at church last Sunday takes the cake.

Since she loves music, we bring her downstairs from the nursery when it’s time for singing. (Plus everyone gets a kick out of her clapping and saying, “Yay!” after each song.)
Last week when the pastor started praying, she began her usual mumbling along with him. But at one point we heard some words that were clearly a very important part of her prayer.

*mumble mumble mumble* “Cookie Monster” *mumble mumble*
I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s good to know where her priorities are.

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  1. My daughter would offer a second amen for prayers for Cookie Monster - he is her favorite. SO cute.