Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Favorite Photo Link Up: My Little Red Riding Hood

This week I'm joining in the photo linky at Growing Up Geeky. I have too many favorite photos to choose just one, but as I was looking through all of our many memories, I came across this one and immediately knew I had to choose it:

Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf costume

It's certainly not stellar photography (it was actually taken with the video camera), and there were so, so many sweet photos I could have chosen, but this one speaks to me in many ways.

I love that it's goofy - it captures our family's spirit perfectly. It's a cute Daddy/Daughter makes me smile...and what I mostly love about it is that it speaks to the time in my life when it was taken. Hannah was at a beautiful age (there is a sweetness about the 9-12 months age that I adore), and it was the time when I began to feel most at ease with motherhood. Everything just kind of gelled, you know?

It's amazing how one image can stir so many emotions and evoke so many memories. Check out more beautiful memories at Growing Up Geeky!


  1. Such a precious photo! You're so right... that time of 9-12 months is just magical. Their personalities are shining through but they haven't hit the toddler independent streak yet.

    Following you from the Toddle Along hop!

    1. Thanks! And yes, I loved watching her personality develop at that age. It's so much fun!