Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I Love About My Firstborn

Abram seems to be moving out of his little crankball stage and back into a routine. I think we may be emerging from the black hole of the four-month regression. (Oh Lord, please let it be so.) I love seeing him happy and restful.

And I love knowing that it won’t be long before his little personality starts shining through. I can already see glimpses of it. I’m going to be captivated as I watch it emerge, just like I was with Hannah.

Hannah…my firstborn…my little girl. She’s the topic today – I’m linking up with Moments That Define Life for this week’s Listable Life topic, 5 Things I Love About My Firstborn.

Who Abram will be as yet to be seen, but Hannah is showing her colors to the world in full force! I don’t know how I’m going to narrow it down to just five things, but here goes (in no particular order):

1) She is so funny. I know; I talk about that all the time. Enough already. But really, I just love that she got the best of mommy and daddy’s senses of humor – mama’s goofiness and daddy’s playfulness. She loves to laugh, and we’re usually joining right in with her. There will never be any shortage of laughter in our household.

Smiling little girl at the beach

And we could see that pretty much from the beginning!

2) She is independent and adventurous. She's my fearless little tomboy who runs around barefooted in the backyard. If she gets a sticker in her foot, she plucks it out and keeps on going. She has just enough reservation to keep from jumping into something headfirst, but she's unafraid of new situations and uncharted territory.

hiking with a toddler

Life will be so much easier for her than it was for me if she can hold onto that.

3) She is an imaginative, expressive little chatterbox. Yes, it can drive me nuts sometimes, but I love that she tells me what’s on her mind. Since she studies things with wonder and awe, she tells about them with an infectious excitement. She’s only two years old, but I already feel like I know her so well. 

the wonder and awe in a child's eyes

Sharing life with her makes life that much more fun.

4) She loves abundantly and feels with her whole heart. She tells me every single day, “I love you so much, mama.” She is very attached to and protective of her baby brother. Sad things make her sad, and happy things make her joyful.

little girl loves her baby brother

She will make a wonderful mama one day.

5) Ambitious. Tenacious. Persistent. Sometimes these traits come out in the form of frustration, such as when she exasperatedly flings something across the room because she can’t fix it/figure it out/put it on by herself. (I have no idea where she got this character trait from…ahem.) But that’s only because she loves learning and mastering new skills, and she works hard for her successes.

doing the dishes for mama

She makes me proud.
So proud.
To be her mama.


  1. She sounds like a lot of fun :) Laughter is the best, isn't it? And its so fun to see kids have a unique, sharp sense of humor!

    1. Thanks, she is LOADS of fun! There's nothing like watching their personalities bloom

  2. She sounds like she's going to grow up to be a driven little girl. I really enjoyed reading all about her! Thanks for linking up!!

  3. That second to last pic is priceless. Just priceless! Your little girl sounds like my Nya, very adventurous, loving, and fearless.