Monday, April 30, 2012

When Good Intentions Turn Into Goopy Messes

Making Your Own Baby Food Fail
He may look innocent, but don't let him fool you.
I had glorious plans of going shopping after Abram went to bed. I needed some “me” time, and I was tired of my usual de-stressing activity (mindlessly clicking away on the laptop until bedtime), so shopping it was. Didn’t matter that I was dead tired – I’d decided it would do me some good to get out of the house for a while, on my own.

But first, because we moms can’t ever just take off spontaneously and leave our to-do lists behind, I decided to go ahead and puree the sweet potatoes I’d cooked to make baby food. Wouldn’t take long, and I could clean up when I got back.

Now, we don’t have any fancy baby bullets or mashing missiles or whichever other awesomely fancy baby food makers there are out there. I wish. Nope, just a good old-fashioned crappy blender.

And this crappy blender has it out for me because it doesn’t like to puree chunks of food. It doesn’t even like to make margaritas into anything other than a frothy mess, so why should I expect much of it?

Anyway, I’m not going to go into embarrassing detail, but let’s just say I made a grave mistake in blender usage and ended up with pureed sweet potato all over my clothes and hair. And the ceiling. And the walls. And the cabinets.

(Who knew Mr. Crappy Blender could be so ornery?)

So I spent the next twenty minutes scrubbing the ceiling, walls, and cabinets, put away the baby food (that was still left in the blender), and then plopped myself down in front of my laptop for the remainder of the evening.

Oh, the things we do for those sweet little faces.

Baby Sucking On His Fingers