Friday, April 20, 2012

Lessons In Patience: Mama-Done-Lost-Her-Mind Edition

Mama Done Lost Her Mind!Abram:
There’s mama! Quick, I need to start flipping out and not stopping no matter what she does! It’s hilarious to see her get all exasperated when she can’t figure out what I want.

Yes, yes, that’s great. She’s sighing. I love it.

Oh goody, the swing. I’m going to pretend I’m content now…just until she’s convinced…and then I’m going to freak out at just the right…wait for it…NOW!

Nap? Ha ha, I don’t think so! I’d rather pretend I’m not tired so I’ll keep getting attention.

Attention attention, oh how I love thee, when I ask for it too much, it makes mama crazyyyyy.

Trust me mama, this is good for you. You’re going to need lots of patience as I grow up and go through many different phases, so just accept your lesson and quit whining about it.

What’s that, mama? I’m making you go bonkers? Sweet.

Whatcha doin, mama?
I’m thirsty.
I’m hun-gee.
Whatcha doin, mama?
I’m really hun-gee.
Can I have a popsicle? Please? Mama, I want a popsicle. Please? Please, mama? Can I have a popsicle?
Whatcha doin, mama?
I’m hun-gee. I want some candy please.
Whatcha doin, mama? Oh, I’m driving you crazy?

Poor sick hubby:
*Various degrees of moaning*

The dog:
*Scratch scratch scratch, lick lick lick, bark bark bark, ANNOY ANNOY ANNOY*

Me: Oh Lord, give me patience.

God: That’s why I gave you a family.